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The Gallery – Tomorrow

13 Apr

Well, Tara, what a task you have set this week. How do you take a photo of something that hasn’t happened yet? As my crystal ball is currently in the shop for repairs, I will just have to do my best without it. I may not be able to tell you exactly what tomorrow will bring, but there are a few things I can be fairly sure of, regardless of which tomorrow you are reading this on.

I can guarantee you that tomorrow the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening.


Tomorrow, my son will be reading something and working something out.


In tomorrows for years to come I will probably still do too much of these


Tomorrow night we will both do a bit of this


Followed (hopefully) by a bit of this


Now, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, head over to Sticky Fingers to see what everyone else is up to tomorrow.

Or something like that.


Silent Sunday

10 Apr

Silent Sunday

The Gallery – Mother Love

7 Apr

Here in the UK, it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, so this week the Gallery theme was, quite simply, Mother Love. Tara has also dedicated this Gallery to World Vision’s Mother’s Day campaign. Share a smile: Make a mother’s day invites you to share a mum-moment that makes you smile, perhaps a memory from your childhood, or a special experience with your own children. This will feature in their Mother’s Day gallery and also add your name to their global petition, asking governments to put mothers and children’s health first.

That’s the important stuff out of the way so on to my ramblings. I think the one thing that makes me feel most like a mother is when I’m breastfeeding my son. There really is nothing quite like it; two little eyes gazing up at you, tiny fingers curling round your hair, not so little teeth getting a bit close for comfort and knowing that you are providing nourishment, comfort, warmth and love. What could be better?

It has been a blessing these last few days too. While he has been ill he wouldn’t eat anything, barely drank anything, but continues to breastfeed. I don’t think he would have got through it quite so easily without his mammy milk.

Even though it is sometimes really hard and painful and exhausting, the love keeps me going. That, and moments like this:

There are lots of yummy mummy pictures over at Sticky Fingers, why not share some of that Mother Love?

The Gallery – Hair

30 Mar

When you have a baby, there are lots of ‘firsts’ to look forward to; first smile, first word, first steps… the list goes on. However, there are also some ‘firsts’ that are not so good and, for me, this was one of them. I had to take my baby boy (“No mam, big boy”) for his first haircut.

I wanted to keep his first curl so I cut that off myself. He had another lovely curl at the other side so I cut that one off for Grandma. That just left the bit in the middle so I cut that off to even it up a bit. So when I say I had to take him, I really did have to. Before anyone else saw what I’d done to his beautiful hair.

The experience itself was lovely. The girl who cut his hair was great with him and he was so well behaved that the certificate he got for his first haircut was well deserved. We were also given a little packet of the clippings to keep.

But oh, the difference it made to his face. My baby boy wasn’t a baby anymore. I was gutted. I did not cry (much). In the space of five minutes he looked like he had aged five years and turned into a proper little boy.

“No mam, big boy”

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The Gallery – Education

24 Mar

I don’t think there could be a Gallery theme more appropriate for my life at the moment, unless of course next week’s theme is ‘what I look like after two years of sleeping for no more than three hours at a time’. I seem to be constantly learning something new or passing on my knowledge to someone else. Some things I am enjoying more than others, but it is all about learning new stuff and new stuff, in general, I like.

So, what am I learning? Apart from how to be a mum and how to operate the baby (which arrived with the manual missing so not an easy thing to figure out), I signed myself up for a couple of courses and started taking more photos with a little more thought than point and click.

One course is about childcare and, to be honest, I hate it. I’m sticking with it because I’ve done quite a bit of work and it would just be a waste to give up, and also because I’m a tad stubborn. I dread Monday mornings even more than ever.

I signed up for swimming lessons so I could take my son swimming and not be afraid, and although I can now swim 25 metres (yay me), I hate it.

The other course is to make the Rocking Horse. I am LOVING it. I am learning so much about wood, working with tools, carving, visualising, patience… it is brilliant. It’s only a small class, but what a great bunch of people they are. The tutor is fantastic, he makes it look so easy then I spend about five hours trying to recreate what he did in five minutes.

So this is my Gallery photo this week, the latest picture of my horsey. He now has lips!

The other thing I mentioned I was learning was photography. I’ve always enjoyed taking photo’s and they usually turn out reasonably well, but I never used to put a great deal of thought into them. Ooh, that looks nice, click! Since I’ve been blogging, however, it’s almost like I’m taking a photography course.

Taking part in The Gallery is teaching me to take a photo on a given subject. I actually have to go out and find something that fits. Silent Sunday is teaching me to open my eyes, to see something interesting in the everyday stuff, to remember to take the picture instead of just thinking about it. Looking through all of the amazing entries that other people post is giving me new ideas, new inspiration. They are making me want to go out and take better photo’s, and keep trying the same shot until I get exactly what I want. For me, it is the best way to learn about different styles and compositions of photographs.

So I guess I just wanted to add a big THANK YOU to Tara Cain and Mocha Beanie Mummy for hosting these great weekly blog link-ups, to all the people who enter their own photos for giving me something to think about, and to all the people who take the time to comment on my photo’s for making me believe in myself and that I can, on occasion, knock out a half decent picture.

Thank you, you are all fabulous xx

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Silent Sunday

20 Mar

Silent Sunday

The Gallery – Trees

16 Mar

It’s Gallery time again over at Sticky Fingers and this week Tara has chosen a lovely theme for us: Trees. I already have loads of photos that I could use for this Gallery, but I thought that would be too easy. Instead of just picking any old tree picture, I decided that I would go and take a photo especially for this post.

So, on Monday, armed with my trusty mobile phone, I set off to take pictures of trees. I tried to ignore the ducks and the weird patterns in the clouds and just shoot trees. I ended up with quite a selection (thanks to my new memory card) and have found it really difficult to pick just a few favourites.

I’m off now to have a look at all the other wonderful trees posted in this weeks Gallery. Are you coming?