Review – Mike The Knight: Galahad The Great DVD

26 Sep

You can certainly tell that summer is over. My son and I both have stinking colds and are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. This morning, we decided to have a pyjama day. We were sat on the sofa, snuggled up under a blanket and I thought it would be the perfect time to surprise him with a new DVD.

Mike The Knight: Galahad The Great is a brand new DVD featuring five episodes from the popular CBeebies series. In the first episode, Mike is determined to be the best horse trainer in Glendragon. He thinks it will help if Galahad looks really knightly so gives him a bit of a makeover with bells, feathers and a new saddle. Things don’t go quite to plan, until Mike realises that Galahad is perfect just the way he is.

The DVD did a great job of cheering son up. Just as the second episode was starting, he asked me to pause it while he got his Mike the Knight toys out, then watched the rest of the DVD while playing along with the story.

I think Mike The Knight is a great series for younger children. Mike gets himself into trouble by thinking he knows best and not listening to anyone else, but soon works out what he needs to do to ‘be a knight and do it right’. This gently encourages children to think about their actions and learn to do the things the right way.

We have really enjoyed watching this DVD and it certainly brightened up a rainy morning. It would make a great little gift for any young knight.

Mike The Knight: Galahad The Great is available now through Hit Store UK and all good retailers, RRP £12.99

For more information on Mike The Knight, please visit

You can also find Mike on Facebook and Twitter

All opinions are honest and our own. We were given a copy of the DVD free of charge for this review.


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