Everybody’s Gone SIRFin’…

19 Aug

…SIRFin’… by the Tees?!!?

And what fun we had too! A couple of weeks ago we went to the 25th Stockton International Riverside Festival. It’s a fantastic free festival featuring a variety of performances from around the world. I remember going as a child and it was one of the few things that I missed when I lived down south, so I’ve been looking forward to the time when my son was old enough to enjoy it too.

I took him last year, just for a couple of hours. He seemed to enjoy it but that was enough for him and I don’t think he was impressed by the lack of ZingZillas. This year, however, he was a proper little festival goer.

The first show we saw was the official opening event, Prometheus Awakes, on the Thursday night. As it didn’t start until 10pm, son was told he could only go if he had a sleep in the afternoon. He had already seen some pictures of what was on and was really excited about going. I mean, what three year old wouldn’t get excited about going out after bedtime to see an 8 metre tall puppet walk down the high street?

With images projected onto nearby buildings, dancers on stage and mass aerial choreography, a cast of over 60 disabled and non-disabled volunteers from the north-east, not to mention the giant form of Prometheus making his way down the high street, it was a spectacular start to the festival. There is a video on the SIRF website if you’d like to see for yourself.


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