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And The Little One Said

18 Jul

I thought, as he is only just three, that I would have a few more years before my son took an interest in women. How wrong was I? In most of the shops we go in regularly, he has picked out his favourite lady and if they are working he won’t be served by anyone else. Luckily, they all seem to like him just as much and go out of their way to chat to him, even if it’s just a few words and a smile. If only all shops treated all of their customers like this, it would make the weekly shop a far nicer experience.

This collection of things my son has said recently is dedicated to all of his special lady friends.


Son got his hair cut last week but the girl who usually cuts it was busy so he had to see someone else.

Me: You were very good in there, you sat so still while you got your hair cut, well done. Do you like it?

Son: No.

Me: But your hair looks lovely, she did a great job.

Son: Yes, but it wasn’t my lady. *sad face*


Outside the baker’s shop:

Granda: Are you sure you want to go in? Your friend isn’t working today.

Son: That’s ok, I like to meet new ladies.


While helping son get dressed, I told him he’d be going with Granny and Granda to see The Gingerbread Mam to get me some of her irresistible goodies, so I could stay at home to varnish the horse.

Son: Ooh! I’ve got my blue shirt on today.

Me: That’s right.

Son: I look very smart in my shirt, don’t I mammy?

Me: You do look very smart.

Son: I will show my shirt to the ginger lady. I think she will like me with my blue shirt on.


Walking across the car park, going in to the country park. Two older women walking towards us.

Son: Good morning!

They didn’t hear him, but they were still some distance away.

Me: It’s after twelve o’clock so it’s not morning anymore, it’s afternoon now.

By now they are right up to us.

Son: (with a cheeky smile and nod of the head) Af’noon ladies…


I’m going to have trouble with this one, aren’t I?


18 Jul