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Scrunchy Tissue Paper Union Jack

21 May

What a week! This should have been one of the busiest weeks of my year. I have a small family tea in a few days, the toddler party of the century just one week away, horse should have had five coats of paint, birthday presents should have been bought and that is just the start of it all. What I have actually done all week is lay on the bed / sofa / floor feeling pretty awful with some kind of crazy tonsilitis which included stiff neck and all over aching. Even my eyeballs hurt which has kept me away from the laptop for most of it too.

To keep my son amused today, I turned to one of our easiest crafts. One that he can pretty much do by himself while I lay and point vaguely at his work mumbling things like ‘good job’, ‘looking good’ and ‘there better not be glue in my hair’. As it’s coming up to Jubilee weekend, I even made it topical. So, for my first craft tutorial, I give you… Scrunchy Tissue Paper Union Jack Flag Picture Thing.

Well, I say tutorial, I won’t insult you by explaining it in words when it’s so flippin’ easy. I might give you a couple of top tips at the end though.

Tadaaa! There you have it. Easy as pie. Probably easier, as pies can be quite tricky. Now, those tips I mentioned.

The easiest way to get lots of little bits of tissue is to use a palette knife. Fold sheet in half, run finger down crease, slip knife in, press firmly on top of paper with flat hand and slice through the crease. Fold all in half and repeat. You can get through several layers of tissue like this and it is so much quicker than scissors. Works a treat on wrapping paper too. This knife is probably older than me and I bet the closest it has ever been to food is my chocolatey fingers.


Use loads of gloopy glue. We tried spreading glue onto the card first, but the tissue wasn’t sticking too well. Also, the glue was drying too quickly so we had to keep reapplying. Much better to just get a tray of glue, dip the tissue in, plop it on the card.

Use card as a base. With the quantity of glue used, paper goes quite soggy, quite quickly. Artwork gets torn, toddlers cry. It’s not pretty.

Keep any leftover scrunchy tissue bits in a tub. After a couple of different projects you’ll have loads of different colours ready to start making something new.

That’s about it really. This little project kept son entertained all afternoon. He kept leaving it to go and play then coming back to it, but always seems to enjoy these scrunchy crafts. Have you made any Jubilee crafts, or any scrunchy crafts with your little ones recently? I’d love it if you leave me a link so I can come and see yours.



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Chilly Adventures In The Country Park

5 May

Tightly wrapped up in hat, scarf and gloves, thick coat zipped right to the top and a blanket for the pushchair. All ready for a winter’s day out. Only it’s not winter. It’s May. May! What is going on with this crappy weather? It is absolutely chuffin’ freezing! Did you see the picture from our trip to the seaside last week? Ridiculous! I’m ready for some sunshine now please.

Anyway, rant over. We had a lovely afternoon on Thursday, despite the red noses and blue fingers, at a local country park. Just by the entrance, Cats Protection were giving away goodie bags and son won a teddy on their tombola which he was ever so happy about. He’s calling it Bob.

The afternoon’s adventures began in the big castle, but don’t go near the tower because that’s where the trolls live.

The rest of the castle is where Evie lives. She made these funny bumpy bits on the wall by pushing her fingers in. She must have really strong fingers because we couldn’t make any more bumps when we tried.

Around the lake and over the little bridge and we were at Mike The Knight’s castle. We spent quite some time there making up our own stories about what Mike was getting up to and watching the ducks swimming on the lake moat. Son loved this castle and didn’t want to leave, but was eventually persuaded by going off to look for Mike. Only problem was, round the other side of the castle there was another set of steps. Leading straight back up to where we had just been. “Ooh look mummy! Steps! I wonder where they go to…”

Son’s main reason for wanting to visit this particular park was to feed the ducks. We had a bag of bird seed with us (NOT bread! Bread is not good for ducks!) so we went off in search of hungry ducks. Normally, there are ducks everywhere acting as if they haven’t been fed for weeks. But it was so cold that they were nearly all snuggled up, heads tucked back under their wings, trying to keep warm and showing no interest whatsoever in our food. Lucky for us that these little fellas popped out for a stroll just as we were heading back to the car.

It seems that, as with people, it’s the little ones that are not bothered by the weather. It was a lovely end to our afternoon and hopefully next time we visit it will be a bit warmer so all the ducks come out to play.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


4 May

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