And The Little One Said

17 Apr

When my son does something funny or clever or cute or, well, anything really, I am quick to grab a camera and take a snap. Then there are all the times he says something that I would love to be able to capture in the same way, but without actually having a recording device running 24 hours a day (which would be a bit freaky), the next best thing is writing them down. Except I don’t. I casually drop into conversation with my family and friends all the ‘you’ll never believe what he just said’ stories, but that is only if I see them just after he says it. I always think that I’ll never forget because it was so hilarious, but by the evening all I can remember is ‘oh, it was something about broccoli and bogies’.

So, I am going to make a proper effort to remember the things he says and write them down. Although I can’t capture the facial expressions, tone of voice and hand gestures that accompany his little words of wisdom, it’s surprising how clearly I remember them as I re-read the words.

These are a few of the things he said this last week or so, the only ones I can actually remember as, even though I had planned to write this post, I forgot to write them down at the time.


During a particularly stroppy ‘don’t want to’ tantrum…

Me: Have you just turned into a teenager or something?

Son: (chuckles) I’m a tea urchin!


While I was getting son ready so Granny and Granda could take him shopping…

Me: Don’t forget to ask Granny to buy me some chocolate

Son: No

Me: Aww, go on. Can you remember to say Green and Black’s with caramel?

Son: I’m sorry mammy, I can’t say Green and Black’s with caramel, it’s not in my body.


Looking at some photo’s I took two weeks ago…

Son: Look! There’s Granda, when he was old.


While I was making tea the other night…

Son: No mammy! Stop! Don’t touch the cooker, you need to ask an adult to help you.


2 Responses to “And The Little One Said”

  1. Susan Mann April 20, 2012 at 5:56 pm #

    Lol they really do say the funniest of things xx

    • ToastingMarshmallows April 21, 2012 at 11:39 am #

      The one about the cooker cracked me up. He was so serious and concerned, I tried to keep a straight face but sometimes it’s just impossible! x

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