Welcome To My New Home

7 Apr

Here we go then, first post on the new blog. It feels a bit strange, a bit like when I first got my new camera or phone. I was really careful with them to start with, scared incase I broke my lovely new toy. Now I just chuck them in my bag with everything else and get on my way. I wonder how long it will be before I feel totally comfortable here.

I still have lots of tweaking to do, but I feel good about this space, I feel the potential it has. Most of my old blog transferred across without a hitch which makes me feel a little more at home, and I have lots of photo’s to add from my 366 project which I never really liked having on posterous. I also need a header image. I know exactly what I want but I’ll have to wait for an opportunity to actually go and take the photo, it could be some time.

If you were one of the fabulous people who subscribed, to continue to receive updates then you will have to hit that button again. Er, I think it’s that orange one, top left. You’ll either get updates or turn the bathroom light on, I’m not quite sure which yet.

So that’s it really. Just a quick post to tell you that I’m over here now, although the old address will still be active for some time just incase you need a reminder of where to find me.

*puts kettle on*     *waits for visitors*


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