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30 Apr


Scooting Adventures

30 Apr

It’s my son’s birthday in a few weeks. Party preparations are well under way but I still have to get his main present. He enjoys being outside and already has a balance bike and some skates, but now he’s asking for a scooter. I don’t know why because he’s got a perfectly good one already, it’s quite unique too.

Son will be starting nursery soon and I’ve heard that scooting to school is the best way to get him there on time, so I took him on a test run to see how much time we could save by scooting. To be honest, we didn’t do as well as I thought. In fact, 20 minutes later we were still on the same street. I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong but I think maybe son needs to work on his technique as clearly the scooter is in tip-top condition.

Today we discovered that the seaside is a perfect place to scoot. The promenade goes on for miles and taking a scooter is great for days when it’s just too cold to paddle in the sea and build sand castles.

We also realised that the base of this one-of-a-kind scooter is perfect for carrying home beach treasure such as shells and pretty stones. However, we were very disappointed to find that it is not good with anything a bit wet. It turns out that a crab shell full of seawater can actually do some quite serious damage to a scooter like this. I am very sad to report that my son is now devastated that his beloved scooter is no more. It is an ex-scooter. It ceases to exist.

Luckily, those lovely people at Micro Scooters are running a competition to win £250 of Micro Scooter vouchers, so hopefully I will be able to put a smile back on his face just in time for his birthday.



28 Apr



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25 Apr

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Mum’s Been In The Loft Again

25 Apr

Every so often my mum disappears up into the loft and emerges with some long forgotten treasure. We have already had the pleasure of rediscovering old Duplo blocks and cars, a Fisher-Price aeroplane which was a lot more realistically shaped than the chunky ones you see today, jigsaws and play trays, farm animals and squillions of books.

The latest addition to our collection is this:

I don’t remember if this originally belonged to me or my brother, either way it must be at least 25 years old and is still in perfect condition. Well, apart from the bite mark that my son has just added to one of the cards. We have had loads of fun playing lotto the last couple of days, son got the hang of it pretty quickly and now keeps asking for ‘Grandma’s new puzzle’.

After a few games, I started describing the pictures as just calling out the names was getting too easy. I tried to use descriptions that applied to several pictures so he didn’t guess them straight away but had to work out which picture I was talking about by using several clues.

I love the illustrations on the cards. Maybe it’s just because they remind me of when I was a child, but they seem to make me feel calmer, more relaxed, like everything is simple again. I can see this game being a favourite for a long time to come, I might have to think up some more rules to keep son guessing though!

Do you still have your childhood toys? Do your own children play with them? What do they think of them?



24 Apr