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27 Mar

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Review – Spot Collection In A Bag

15 Mar

There are few things in life I enjoy more than getting lost in a good book. As a child, I was never without one and found it really difficult to put one down half finished which led to the inevitable torch under the duvet and bleary eyed mornings at school.

I always hoped that my son would share my love of books, I even started buying books for him while I was pregnant. It goes without saying he has quite a little library now. Turns out I was right to start buying early as he can’t get enough. I’ve even found him fast asleep cuddling a book instead of a bear.

Buying most of our books from The Book People has saved me a fortune and I’ve always found their customer service team really friendly and helpful, so I was very happy when they offered me a book to review for them.

I told them that my son was aged 2 1/2 and they said they would send a book for him, although I had no idea what it would be. The squeal of delight when son opened not one, but ten books, would suggest they made a good choice in sending this collection of Spot books.

We have been steadily working our way through this collection for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, we love them. Son hasn’t had any other Spot books, so they were completely new to him and he is really enjoying them. There are about 30 pages in each book, so it’s long enough to make a good story, but not so long that he loses interest. The text is quite large on each page, which makes it easier for him to pick out the letters that he knows, and easier for me to read by nightlight.

The favourite book at the moment seems to be Spot’s Garden. This could be because we have been talking about growing our own tomatoes again this year, although it looks like we might have to have a go at carrots and lettuce too.

What I especially like about this collection of books, is that two of them are colouring books. As we have read the stories and got to know the characters a little, my son has started to make up little stories while colouring, using the pictures as a prompt. I would never have thought of this as the colouring books he has are not really themed. I think I’ll go and see if I can get some colouring books with his other favourite characters in them as he is getting so much out of these ones.

So, overall, we think these books are fantastic. The only problem we have found is that the bag is a very snug fit so it can be a bit tricky getting the books in and out, but that really is only a small problem. We would definitely recommend them.

The Spot Collection In A Bag is available to order from The Book People, currently priced at £9.99.

All opinions are honest and our own. We were sent the Spot Collection In A Bag free of charge for this review.