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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

18 Dec

Don’t say it. I don’t need reminding how much I have to do, how little time I have and how unprepared I am. Why is it that the more you want time to slow down, the faster it goes? Certain events over the last few weeks have left us a bit stunned and it’s proving difficult trying to get on as normal. Posts are half drafted, orders are half completed, plans are half carried out. I know I have to get on and do stuff but I feel as if I’m standing back, watching my life go on in front of me, but can’t actually do anything about it.

I had such wonderful plans for Christmas. I still have I suppose, they’re just not the plans I had planned, if you see what I mean. Rocking horse? Ain’t gonna happen. No point in even trying now. It’ll be ready when it’s ready and if that’s the middle of February, so be it. Doesn’t stop me kicking myself for not working just that little bit faster, harder, longer, when I had the chance.

I tried to get myself into the festive spirit by attending a wreath making workshop at Newham Grange Country Farm. I should probably apologise to them as I didn’t realise until after the event when I checked their Facebook page that you were supposed to book a place and so I just turned up. And I was late. Sorry about that.

The wreaths were made from willow, cut from the maze that my son loved running around in during the summer. My first attempt wasn’t too bad. There wasn’t much ivy and holly left by the time I got there, but it wouldn’t have lasted anyway after the wind we’ve had over the last few days. That’s why it looks so tatty – it was the wind, not my complete lack of wreath making skills. I’m going to take off what’s left of the ivy and add some new bits so (hopefully) it looks nice for Christmas.

We have made a start on our Christmas cards. Some of the ideas I had didn’t really turn out too well, so everyone will be getting reindeer cards. I say everyone, but I mean about five people really as that is all I managed to get my son to do before he got fed up and started causing mayhem. The rest of everyone will have to make do with last minute shop bought tat. If they’re lucky, he might even add an affectionate scribble.

My Gran’s flat was going to be decorated with all the wonderful things my son had made over the last few weeks. Those wonderful things turned out to be a couple of curly paper things and a loo roll snowman. We did also cut some stars and baubles out of card, glue shiny things to them, and add a loop of ribbon to hang on the tree. But I couldn’t find the gloopy glue so we had to make do with pritt stick. All the shiny things fell off so my Gran now has some card with suspicious looking sticky marks on it hanging off her tree, and a selection of shiny things scattered about the floor, table, sofa…

Then, there’s the advent calendar. I fell in love with the Maileg pixy (but we call him elf) advent calendars the first time I saw them. They have always been a bit out of my price range, but last year I found one in a sale and couldn’t resist. There was supposed to be a little treat each day along with a message from the elf giving my son something to do, such as making cards, baking gingerbread or a special day out. By midnight on November 30th, I had written out precisely no messages.

Luckily, my slackness has worked to my advantage. Each message can now be tailored to comment on the events of the previous day. This was working well until, after a few problems with son’s temper, I found myself talking to a fabric elf, instructing him not to bring any treats tomorrow. I didn’t realise what I’d done until later that night. Should I follow through and not leave a treat? Nothing at all? If I do put one out, surely that’s saying it’s ok to be naughty because you’ll get a treat anyway?

Inspiration woke me around 3am and I quickly wrote a note. Elf was very disappointed with his behaviour and when he reported back to Santa that night, Santa said no treats today. However, on the way home he bumped into Frosty the Snowman (who son had been dancing with the night before) and Frosty sent him some socks with a snowman on. I must be mad.

Hopefully, everything will fall into place. Decorations are going up slowly, a bit here, a bit there. I have a few things planned for this week, but I’m not going to tempt fate by mentioning what they are. As long as I’m not up until 4.30am wrapping presents on Christmas morning (again), then I shall fix a smile and be happy.