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Half Term Fun – Tuesday

2 Nov

Several weeks ago, I saw an advert for Halloween crafts at Newham Grange Country Farm. We have been to other events there before and always had a great time so this was pencilled straight in the diary. After a very long and busy day on Monday, we almost didn’t make it out of the house. I’m so glad we did though as it was even better than expected.

We arrived a little late as someone decided to have a nap 10 minutes before we were due to leave the house so I was expecting it to be really busy, but when we arrived at the activity room there was nobody there. Just a man tying willow sticks together ready for the crafts. I thought we had the wrong time but it turned out that everyone else was out doing a Halloween trail. All around the farm were hidden skulls with letters printed on them. Once you had found all the letters, you had to rearrange them to spell a spooky word. Then you could start the crafts.

Little man did a great job of spotting the skulls, telling me what the letters were and checking that I wrote them down properly. Then we had a little break from hunting for letters to ride a pony. I hope this doesn’t mean he will be disappointed with his rocking horse after he has ridden a real one. We didn’t actually manage to find all the letters, I guess the wind must have blown them away. *cough* Luckily, I could still work out what the spooky word was so off we went to do the crafts.

We had a choice of things to make including masks, door hangers and pictures to colour. It was the mobiles that caught my son’s eye though, so we made one of those first. They were, quite simply, two sticks of willow tied together in a cross, with a piece of wool tied to the end of each stick. We drew and cut out Halloween shapes (bat, ghost, pumpkin, witches hat) from card, punched a hole in them, then tied them onto the end of the wool. Easy peasy but very effective. We still had some time left before the session finished so we made a pumpkin mask too. The man in charge of the crafts very kindly gave us the other crafty bits to take away and do at home.

We had a brilliant afternoon. The trail was unexpected but such a good idea. It meant we had to explore areas around the farm that we usually miss, like the duck pond, and we made sure that we said hello to every animal. Yes, son insisted, every animal. As well as the usual farm animals like goats, pigs, cows, sheep etc, there is a petting area with rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as some more unusual animals like alpacas and wallabies.

We have visited Newham Grange Country Farm quite a few times now and it is one of those places that my son and I never seem to tire of, so I’m now considering buying a season ticket to try to save us a few pennies throughout the year. We will definitely be visiting again in a few weeks as I have just heard that the Christmas Extravaganza will be held on Sunday 11th December. If you are thinking of going, keep an eye on their events page for more information and maybe I’ll see you there.

This is not a sponsored post, I chose to visit and paid my own entry fee.

This post is an entry into the Tots100 Best Western School Holiday competition.