Kreativ Blogger Award

15 Apr

I am very pleased to announce that I have been given an award! I have been tagged by the lovely Jayne over at Mum’s The Word for a Kreativ Blogger Award, and here it is.

It does, however, come with some rules attached:

1. Link to 10 Blogs
2. Let the 10 bloggers know they’ve been awarded
3. List 10 facts about you

So, here we go. Ten facts you really wanted to know about me.

1. I really do have to wear swimming goggles while chopping onions. You have never seen eyes go so red and puffy so quickly as when I forget to put them on. Even someone else chopping onions in the next room can make my eyes water.

2. I love chocolate, but I hate chocolate flavoured things.

3. Several years ago, I had Guillaine-Barre Syndrome which left me paralysed in intensive care. It took months to recover and I still wonder if it is responsible for some of the weird things that happen to me today. It was predicted by a palm reader about six years before it happened.

4. I am a British champion, I have a gold medal and everything.

5. Music is so important to my life, it’s right up there with food and oxygen. I play a few instruments, not brilliantly, but well enough to survive by busking when money was non-existent. My violin cost more than my car.

6. I was bullied quite badly at school and, although at the time it was devastating, I am now almost glad that it happened. It prepared me for what was to come at my workplace and in several relationships. I’m not sure I would have coped with the adult bullies had it not been for those kids at school. I’d still like to hunt them down and poke them with pointy sticks though.

7. Seven by James was the first album I bought on CD. It was, in fact, my only CD for a long time.

8. I love taking photo’s and at one point considered it as a career. I still use an old camera that takes film, when I can afford to. I am saving for a nice digital SLR because all the photo’s on my blog were taken with my mobile phone. Oh the shame.

9. I’d love another baby, a little brother or sister for my son. I have no idea how I could make this happen in the next five or six years.

10. That advert, the one that appears on TV in March every year, the one with that frog singing about his weedy grass, it makes me want to rip my ears off and nail them to the bottom of a ship destined for Australia. Please, someone, make it stop.

That’s it, that’s my ten. I’ve now got to choose ten more lucky recipients, hopefully one or two of them won’t have been tagged yet. In no particular order

@NEDayCrafts @Dawnie_Brown @kateab @fromthebelly @Sarh

@HerMelness @liveotherwise @MrsTeepot @imperfectpages @tiddlyompompom

Tag – you’re it.


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