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The Gallery – Hair

30 Mar

When you have a baby, there are lots of ‘firsts’ to look forward to; first smile, first word, first steps… the list goes on. However, there are also some ‘firsts’ that are not so good and, for me, this was one of them. I had to take my baby boy (“No mam, big boy”) for his first haircut.

I wanted to keep his first curl so I cut that off myself. He had another lovely curl at the other side so I cut that one off for Grandma. That just left the bit in the middle so I cut that off to even it up a bit. So when I say I had to take him, I really did have to. Before anyone else saw what I’d done to his beautiful hair.

The experience itself was lovely. The girl who cut his hair was great with him and he was so well behaved that the certificate he got for his first haircut was well deserved. We were also given a little packet of the clippings to keep.

But oh, the difference it made to his face. My baby boy wasn’t a baby anymore. I was gutted. I did not cry (much). In the space of five minutes he looked like he had aged five years and turned into a proper little boy.

“No mam, big boy”

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Silent Sunday

27 Mar

Silent Sunday

The Gallery – Education

24 Mar

I don’t think there could be a Gallery theme more appropriate for my life at the moment, unless of course next week’s theme is ‘what I look like after two years of sleeping for no more than three hours at a time’. I seem to be constantly learning something new or passing on my knowledge to someone else. Some things I am enjoying more than others, but it is all about learning new stuff and new stuff, in general, I like.

So, what am I learning? Apart from how to be a mum and how to operate the baby (which arrived with the manual missing so not an easy thing to figure out), I signed myself up for a couple of courses and started taking more photos with a little more thought than point and click.

One course is about childcare and, to be honest, I hate it. I’m sticking with it because I’ve done quite a bit of work and it would just be a waste to give up, and also because I’m a tad stubborn. I dread Monday mornings even more than ever.

I signed up for swimming lessons so I could take my son swimming and not be afraid, and although I can now swim 25 metres (yay me), I hate it.

The other course is to make the Rocking Horse. I am LOVING it. I am learning so much about wood, working with tools, carving, visualising, patience… it is brilliant. It’s only a small class, but what a great bunch of people they are. The tutor is fantastic, he makes it look so easy then I spend about five hours trying to recreate what he did in five minutes.

So this is my Gallery photo this week, the latest picture of my horsey. He now has lips!

The other thing I mentioned I was learning was photography. I’ve always enjoyed taking photo’s and they usually turn out reasonably well, but I never used to put a great deal of thought into them. Ooh, that looks nice, click! Since I’ve been blogging, however, it’s almost like I’m taking a photography course.

Taking part in The Gallery is teaching me to take a photo on a given subject. I actually have to go out and find something that fits. Silent Sunday is teaching me to open my eyes, to see something interesting in the everyday stuff, to remember to take the picture instead of just thinking about it. Looking through all of the amazing entries that other people post is giving me new ideas, new inspiration. They are making me want to go out and take better photo’s, and keep trying the same shot until I get exactly what I want. For me, it is the best way to learn about different styles and compositions of photographs.

So I guess I just wanted to add a big THANK YOU to Tara Cain and Mocha Beanie Mummy for hosting these great weekly blog link-ups, to all the people who enter their own photos for giving me something to think about, and to all the people who take the time to comment on my photo’s for making me believe in myself and that I can, on occasion, knock out a half decent picture.

Thank you, you are all fabulous xx

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Silent Sunday

20 Mar

Silent Sunday

Paint Please

18 Mar

I love watching little’n paint and draw and I encourage it at (almost) every opportunity. Today though, it did not seem like the best idea. We had a bad night’s sleep with lots of waking and grumping and demands for feeding so I was exhausted and not in the best mood. Son was tired, which usually means that frustration gets the better of him, and paint does not mix well with temper tantrums. I do happen to know that it mixes very well with carpets though, so well in fact, that the two can quite easily become inseparable.

In my sleep deprived state, I did not fancy cleaning up paint. I also did not notice that I’d left the box of paints in full view by the playroom door.

“Mummy, paint”

“What was that, sweetie?” (like I didn’t know)

“Paint mummy, paint”

“Would you like to read a book?”

“No, paint”

“How about playing with the cars?”

“Maaaam, no, paint… please”

At this point he dragged me to the door, pointing dramatically

“Paint, there, please” and again, with signing, “Please, please”

Well, how could I refuse after that. I put down towels, I had packets of wipes on standby and I let him get on with it. I waited, ready to catch a flying paintbrush or scoop up a tipped over pot before the paint spilled, but it never happened. In fact, this was probably the nicest painting session we’ve ever had, and the one with the least amount of mess.

I know you’re dying to see the latest work of artistic genius that my son has produced so here it is…

What do you mean, what is it? It’s a crocodile about to snap an unsuspecting bird out of the sky of course!

I’m so glad that I just let him paint today. We had such a lovely time and his good mood carried on through most of the day. Had I refused, thinking it would be easier for me, I’m sure the tantrums would have really kicked off and I would have had to deal with them for most of the day instead. Which would have been a lot harder work than cleaning up a bit of paint.

The Gallery – Trees

16 Mar

It’s Gallery time again over at Sticky Fingers and this week Tara has chosen a lovely theme for us: Trees. I already have loads of photos that I could use for this Gallery, but I thought that would be too easy. Instead of just picking any old tree picture, I decided that I would go and take a photo especially for this post.

So, on Monday, armed with my trusty mobile phone, I set off to take pictures of trees. I tried to ignore the ducks and the weird patterns in the clouds and just shoot trees. I ended up with quite a selection (thanks to my new memory card) and have found it really difficult to pick just a few favourites.

I’m off now to have a look at all the other wonderful trees posted in this weeks Gallery. Are you coming?

Silent Sunday

13 Mar

Silent Sunday

The Gallery – One Word

10 Mar

I thought this was going to be a really difficult Gallery theme, I mean, One Word? Just one? But there are so many and the possibilities are endless! It didn’t take me long to realise that there is just one word that I hear every day, over and over again, and have done for the last year or so.

I loved hearing it when my son first started saying it as it was one of the first few words he said. I dreaded hearing it when it was causing me a lot of pain. I barely hear it when it’s mumbled at 4am. I will miss it when he no longer says it.

My gallery picture this week is “milk”.

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Silent Sunday

6 Mar

Silent Sunday

Personal Challenge: March

5 Mar

Is it March already? How did that happen? I thought I would have a fairly impressive list of achievements by now, but my only real achievement is that I have not completely abandoned my Day Zero list. I know I still have ages to go, but it is a big list and if life keeps whizzing by as quickly as it has been then I will run out of time. I also know that when I start thinking like this (so much to do, so little time) then I am in danger of hitting the panic button and giving up completely. I had started out so positively aswell.

Just as I start thinking that maybe doing the Day Zero list wasn’t such a good idea, the lovely tiddlyompompom pointed me in the direction of this:  


This is a great way of splitting my big scary list down into more manageable chunks. Over at her blog, she sets a personal challenge each month and invites you to do the same, then leave a link back to your own blog post. She also offers these words of advice, “make sure it is something you can actually achieve in a month. Be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based)”.

Now, as I only have to think about one month, it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task. Here we go then. This is my personal challenge for March:

  1. Make and decorate cakes for the two family birthdays this month
  2. Finish reading one of the books I have started
  3. Get my fiddle and guitar out and make some music
  4. Get all the bits I need to start learning to crochet

I know I could do all of these in a day if I wanted to, well, if my toddler would let me. This is my first month though, so I’m making it easy. I don’t want to set myself up for a fail, I want to meet all my goals and feel confident to set harder ones next month. I’ll be back in a few weeks to let you know how well I’ve done!

If you have set yourself a goal or two this month, why not blog about it then click on the badge and join in?