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Silent Sunday

30 Jan


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

23 Jan

Silent Sunday

And We’re Off

21 Jan

The rocking horse is underway!

On Monday evening I held my breath and pushed a plank of wood around a bandsaw. Not bad for a first attempt, I was sure I was going to have an ear off but there’s plenty of time for that to happen. Even though it’s just a start, I can actually see it taking shape and I’m not quite as freaked out as I was last week. I have tools on order and can’t wait for them to arrive so I can start carving the head.

The Gallery – Mother Nature

19 Jan

It’s been a while since I posted anything for The Gallery so I thought I’d better get my finger out and get some pictures taken for this one. The theme this week was Mother Nature. I went for a lovely walk yesterday, it was freezing but the sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. Stupidly, I forgot to take my camera so these pictures were just snapped on my mobile phone.

First, a rather persistent swan. This resulted in turning around and walking very quickly in the opposite direction. Next, a moorhen taking a stroll across a half frozen lake. Finally, looking back just as I was about to go home.

First Goal Completed

16 Jan

I’ve never really been any good with new year’s resolutions. I always start with the best of intentions but one by one they all get broken. A little bit of forgetfulness here, a little bit of cheating there, an excuse, a reason… Perhaps the reason I’m so bad at these resolutions is that they are rarely fun. They are not usually made up of things that I want to do, more like things I feel I should do. I should eat more healthily, I should eat less chocolate, I should do more exercise, I should give this up, I should do more of that, blah, blah, blah, I’m bored just thinking about it.

Still, as the new year approached, I found myself thinking about resolutions again. My priorities are a bit different this year though. None of that stuff really matters, I just want to be happy. I want to go out and make proper fun memories of good times instead of dwelling on all the bad stuff. I know there are going to be bad days that I can do nothing about, but what about all the days in between? They could all be good days, couldn’t they? They could even be brilliant days!

There could not have been a better time for me to stumble upon the Day Zero Project. I don’t remember where I first saw it mentioned, I just know that I was randomly clicking around the internet, looking at all kinds of things to distract from the fact that I was trying to write this blog post, and I knew immediately that it was for me. It was exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for at exactly the right time. Lucky, huh? After a quick search I found out that there are thousands of people creating these lists of goals. Not just boring old resolutions, but fun things, weird things, exciting things, things that always get put off because there is something more important to do.

It’s taken me two weeks but I’ve finally finished my list of 101 goals. That’s already longer than my resolutions usually last and (as of 14th January) my first goal is complete. You may think it’s cheating slightly to make creating the list one of the goals but, believe me, it’s harder than you think. How often do you sit down and have a good think about yourself? The things you enjoy doing but never seem to have the time for, things you would like to do but have never tried, things that you’ll do ‘one day’.

I was quite nervous about posting my list. It says a lot about who I really am, which is something I don’t like to talk about. It also makes this challenge very real and there can be no backing out now that you all know about it. While I am excited about the things I will be doing over the next couple of years, I can’t help think that I might just be a bit crazy and should probably be doing something a bit more sensible with my time. There’s that word again. Should. Ugh.

I would really appreciate any comments you have, and if you already have a list or decide to make one then please leave a link to it. I’d love to know how you’re getting on with yours.

Rocking Horse or Wonky Donkey?

12 Jan

Ever get that feeling that maybe you’ve been a little over enthusiastic and set your goals too high? Like way up in space somewhere? I want the moon on a stick and I think that might be easier to achieve than what I have actually planned.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to make a rocking horse. I suppose I thought that it would be quite small and angular. Cut a horse shape out of wood, stick a rocker on the bottom, give it a lick of paint, job done. Right? Oh no, couldn’t be more wrong. The rocking horse I will (ahem) be making is amazing, it is beautiful, a real work of art.

I am starting to panic. I have seen planks of wood, I have seen a finished horse. My brain is struggling to cope with the fact that, using some kind of wizardry, the wood will become the horse and I am going to have to make that happen. I don’t even have any tools yet.

So, just letting you know before I start, this is probably going to be a bit rubbish but I will take photos and blog it anyway. It may end up looking more like a cow. Or an alien. It will probably only have half an ear on one side and it will most definitely not be symmetrical. There is a good chance it will rock before I even get the rockers on and one of its legs may be held together with a bit of sticky tape.

However it turns out, I’m sure it will provide a few giggles along the way and I can’t wait to see my completed wonky donkey.

Party Like It’s 1984

3 Jan

For some time he sat gazing stupidly at the paper. The telescreen had changed over to strident military music. It was curious that he seemed not merely to have lost the power of expressing himself, but even to have forgotten what it was that he had originally intended to say. For weeks past he had been making ready for this moment, and it had never crossed his mind that anything would be needed except courage. The actual writing would be easy. All he had to do was to transfer to paper the interminable restless monologue that had been running inside his head, literally for years. At this moment, however, even the monologue had dried up.  George Orwell, 1984.

I had planned to write a post to publish on New Years Eve. It was going to be full of optimism for the new year and not mention at all the crappiness of 2010. I started trying to write on Boxing Day and I’m still trying on 1st 2nd 3rd January. I have lots to say but at the same time I have nothing to say. I don’t know why it’s become so difficult to put any words down, I started with the best of intentions. I think that with everything that’s been going on with my son’s father (now known as the wally) I feel like I have just had the life sucked out of me and everything is a bit blank.

I can not carry on living life like this so 2011 will be different. I know that I have no control over the situation I am in so I will just have to deal with each meeting/hearing/contact as they happen and try not to even think about them on the days in between. I will try to rediscover a little of who I was before I met the wally. I will do more things for myself and try new things. I will blog about it all.

I say something along those lines every year. My resolutions are good for about a week then I slip back into my old way of thinking, daily life takes over and nothing changes. To assist me in the mammoth task I have set myself this year, I need a bit more motivation to actually write a list of goals and carry them out. Lucky for me I have just discovered Day Zero Project. A new page will be added to the blog just for keeping track of how I’m doing so if you see me slacking, feel free to give me a kick up the bum to get me moving again.

So that’s it, my first post of the year and my decision to make 2011 blooming brilliant.

Wishing you a very happy 2011 filled with fun, and good luck with your own resolutions and goals xx