The Gallery – Favourite Photo

18 Oct

It’s Gallery time again and this week’s theme is ‘Your favourite photo. And why.’ Favourite photo? What? Just one? I can’t do that, it would be like choosing between my children. Although, I only have one so it would actually be much harder than choosing between my, er, child.

About a minute after reading the theme I had about twenty pictures in my head. Don’t ask how many I had thought of by the following day. One small problem is that a lot of my stuff is still boxed up after moving house and I also have a storage unit that, when I dare open it again, will spill all of it’s contents out, pinning me to the opposite wall in true comic book style. I was not going to attempt the storage unit, not even for Tara and her lure of prizes. I spent far too much time this last week opening up boxes and trying to find one of my favourite photo’s but found none of the ones I had been thinking of. No pictures of me when I was two, no pictures of old family holidays, no birthday parties, no best friends, no grandads.

This is not my favourite photo. It is, however, a photo I’m very proud of as I am usually rubbish at taking sunset pictures. I love the colours and the texture of the sky. I remember exactly how I felt when I looked out of the window and saw the amazing sight unfolding before my eyes. I remember running for my camera before the light changed and it disappeared forever. I remember shouting to everyone to look out of the window. I remember waiting in Boots to get my film developed (yes, I still use one of those cameras) and the lady telling me I had some nice photo’s. I remember scanning the picture and emailing it to my dad. So here it is…


One Response to “The Gallery – Favourite Photo”

  1. spudballoo October 18, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    WOW what a sky, what a photo. I’m rubbish at sunsets too, I can never get them properly exposed. This is perfect! x

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