Free Books!

16 Oct

Right, quick show of hands, how many of you read books with your children? One, two, three… yes, just as I thought. Lots. Hands up again please if you think it would be a good idea if everytime you read a book with your child then another book was donated to a charity at no cost to yourself. Good, lots of you again. Well then, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that is exactly what happens over at We Give Books.

Choose a campaign to support, choose a book to read online and for each book you read they will donate a book to your chosen campaign. They currently have six campaigns running, sending books to places such as Haiti, East Africa, Zambia and Asia. There is a good selection of books to read, aimed at children from babies to around ten years old. My son loves clicking the mouse button to turn the page and we have read some lovely books that we would never have seen otherwise.

Imagine the difference we could make just by reading a few books with our children. Please click the badge and take a look, it only takes a few minutes to read a book…


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