Review – ZingZillas: The Album

4 Oct

I am quite a musical person. I went to a few gigs while I was pregnant and played a lot of music myself until I was too big to hold a guitar. So it came as no great surprise when my son showed an interest in all things musical. He would be quite happy jigging along to the music at the start and end of each tv show, but completely ignore everything that came on inbetween. The main exception to this is ZingZillas, he really enjoys watching it and *cough*sodoI*cough*. I’m guessing this is because of the fantastic musical content, not just because of the monkeys.

When Louise from Rock And Roll Baby World asked for people to review the new album I thought my little monkey would be a perfect test subject. The shriek when he opened the envelope would confirm that. The album features 26 tracks including an extended version of the infectiously catchy ZingZillas theme tune and he was up dancing within seconds of me putting it on, although he did keep looking a bit confused at the blank screen on the tv.

I think what makes this such a great album is the variety of music. As well as including different styles such as Rock, Bluegrass, Opera, Jazz and Bhangra, each song features a different instrument giving children a much broader musical experience than the usual pop tunes. Oh, and they are great for dancing to.

ZingZillas: The Album gets a big thumbs up from me and a big smile from my son. Can’t ask for more than that.

ZingZillas: The Album is released on 4th October and will be available on CD and digital download through all good retailers, RRP £9.99


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