26 Sep

The first time I mentioned swimming it was to tell you why I don’t do it. Then I told you how taking my son to Water Babies has made me want to learn. A few weeks ago I had my first swimming lesson. From the day I booked the lessons I started to panic about going and was shaking before I even got into the pool. I spent most of the first lesson clinging on to the side, even though the water was less than a metre deep and almost cried when I had to take my feet off the floor. I know, I’m a big baby.

The second lesson was not much better. The teacher was lovely but I was just too scared to even try. I had been under the rather silly impression that just turning up to a lesson would somehow make it all ok and I would just swim away like I’d been doing it for years. This was clearly not the case and if I was going to get anywhere at all I was going to have to give myself a bit of a talking to.

While telling myself that everything would be fine at my next lesson, I realised that I was going through a similar thought process to when I did a Hypnobirthing course while I was pregnant. It worked a treat for having a baby, why not for swimming? So I did all my breathing exercises and positive affirmations with the swimming in mind and found myself not dreading the next lesson. In the pool I was much calmer, only shaking for a minute here and there but I could make it stop by taking a few calming breaths. I think I have just invented Hypnoswimming. Brilliant!

Since then, things have slowly started to get better. After six weeks I swam four metres unaided. After eight weeks I did ten metres – a whole width of the pool. It’s not good swimming, it’s all splashing and flailing and barely moving, but I’m getting there. I’m so proud of myself for getting this far, I wonder if I’ll get a badge? It’s at least worthy of a certificate, right?


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