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The Gallery – Food

29 Sep

The theme for this week’s Gallery is food. This hastily put together entry is, quite simply, what my son and I like to eat best of all.


26 Sep

The first time I mentioned swimming it was to tell you why I don’t do it. Then I told you how taking my son to Water Babies has made me want to learn. A few weeks ago I had my first swimming lesson. From the day I booked the lessons I started to panic about going and was shaking before I even got into the pool. I spent most of the first lesson clinging on to the side, even though the water was less than a metre deep and almost cried when I had to take my feet off the floor. I know, I’m a big baby.

The second lesson was not much better. The teacher was lovely but I was just too scared to even try. I had been under the rather silly impression that just turning up to a lesson would somehow make it all ok and I would just swim away like I’d been doing it for years. This was clearly not the case and if I was going to get anywhere at all I was going to have to give myself a bit of a talking to.

While telling myself that everything would be fine at my next lesson, I realised that I was going through a similar thought process to when I did a Hypnobirthing course while I was pregnant. It worked a treat for having a baby, why not for swimming? So I did all my breathing exercises and positive affirmations with the swimming in mind and found myself not dreading the next lesson. In the pool I was much calmer, only shaking for a minute here and there but I could make it stop by taking a few calming breaths. I think I have just invented Hypnoswimming. Brilliant!

Since then, things have slowly started to get better. After six weeks I swam four metres unaided. After eight weeks I did ten metres – a whole width of the pool. It’s not good swimming, it’s all splashing and flailing and barely moving, but I’m getting there. I’m so proud of myself for getting this far, I wonder if I’ll get a badge? It’s at least worthy of a certificate, right?

The Gallery – A Smile

23 Sep

The theme of this week’s Gallery was A Smile. I couldn’t think of anything better than my son’s first, exactly one week after he was born.

The Gallery – Back to School

13 Sep

How time flies, if it wasn’t for the Gallery I wouldn’t even have a blog at the moment. I have a few posts semi-drafted but, at the moment, it’s impossible to find the time to finish them off. Life is whizzing by and I don’t feel like I’m getting the chance to live it, just scrambling from one day to the next trying to keep on top of things. I had so many plans for this summer, I’ve managed a total of about two of them and summer is pretty much over. Where have all the days gone? Come to think of it, where have all the years gone?

This week’s Gallery prompt is Back to School. Friday was the start of the new term at Water Babies. We were running late, son was badly travel sick in the car just as we got there, it was not the best start. However, after a very quick change of clothes, in the pool everything went really well. A couple of new commands and a couple of new things to try and the new term is looking very exciting. I only hope I’m up to it, I don’t want to let my son down, he’s doing so well.

So, here’s my photo. Not quite the picture I was trying to capture but, with a mobile phone and five spare minutes, that’s about as good as it’s going to get.