Water Babies

24 Aug

The last time I was in a swimming pool was well over twenty years ago. Now I have a son and I do not want him to have the same fear that I have so, after a bit of research on the internet, I found Water Babies. The classes have been amazing. The first time I had to get in the pool I was so scared but I just knew I had to do it for my son. I think it helped that it was a very small pool with only five others in the class and I didn’t have to actually swim or go underwater.

Once I got used to standing in the pool it wasn’t so bad, walking round the pool supporting my baby on the water I knew I was doing the right thing. My instructor was fabulous. After the first lesson I told her how scared I was and she did her best to ensure I felt comfortable at each lesson. I felt so safe in the pool that, after a few weeks, I was able to put my head underwater for a few seconds to see the most magical sight – my baby swimming towards me!

I have just finished my third term of Water Babies and I am booked to start the fourth in September. The only problem I have is that the classes now involve more underwater work – on my part. While my instructor is happy to do this for me and I am put under no pressure at all to do the underwater swims, I feel I should be making more of an effort to conquer my fears and to do it myself. That is why I have booked myself in for swimming lessons. My son has just turned one and he is already more confident in the water than I have ever been, if he can swim through a hoop then so can I.



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