Why I Don’t Swim

13 Aug

I have never been that confident in the water. I never went for swimming lessons until I was about seven and I couldn’t really get the hang of it. The rest of my class were all taken out of the baby pool to go and swim in the big pool and I was left alone with my arm bands to practice in the baby pool. I did not succeed in teaching myself to swim.

Then we started going swimming with the school. It was pretty much the same story there. The rest of the class were off swimming and I was again left behind, clinging onto the side with my float. I even got told off because I would not dive down to retrieve a brick from the bottom of the pool.

My friends used to go swimming so I would go along with them, not really to swim, we used to just mess around in the shallow end of the pool. One day we went and there were some huge inflatables in the pool. I fell off and went underneath. It was a large flat area on the surface of the water and I couldn’t find my way out from under it. I was terrified. I just kept thinking ‘Nobody knows I’m under here, I’m going to die’. I saw someone’s legs and scrambled towards them and eventually made it to the surface, gasping for breath and in a state of shock. I left the pool and never went back.


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