To Blog Or Not To Blog?

10 Aug

That’s not really the question though. I have every intention of blogging, whether or not my son allows me any time to actually do any writing is another thing. The question is really more about identity. Should I tell you who I am or try and keep it anonymous? This is the main thing that has stopped me from starting a blog and something that I cannot decide on.

I’d like to write freely and post pictures of what I’ve been getting up to, let you hear my music and see what I’ve made, share my son’s achievements and generally be a proud mum. However, I’m having a tough time with the ex. Neighbours were spying on me and reporting back to him, I moved house and now he seems to know things that he shouldn’t – does he have people watching me again? We are in the middle of a court hearing which is breaking my heart and I feel powerless to do anything about it. I don’t want any of the people involved knowing anything about my life.

So, what to do? What are the chances that one of them would actually stumble across this blog? Should I risk it? Should I even blog at all? Am I being completely paranoid?

Please tell me, what do you think?


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